Faith: Belief with Wings: and Other Essays for Awakening

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This book is a contradiction in itself, as the book itself describes the limitations of book taught spirituality in several places. As many other endeavors, the Ancient Wisdom and practical applications of it cannot be taught by books. Enlightenment cannot be taught by books either. So why write about something that cannot be taught? This book is a portal to the other side. It is a mere doorway to the reader to pass through and explore. It is not intended to teach or to preach. What you take out of this book is limited as to what you put in applying the simple set of axioms it contains. These are the seven axioms described later in Chapter 1. How you accept or reject these will set your course to the future. The main impetus of writing this book was the recent flurry of books published on both sides of believers and atheist. These books only address either the scientific approach to life, denying everything and anything not measurable by scientific instruments and the other side who thinks the earth is 6000 years old and Jesus walked with the dinosaurs because it is written by their interpretation of the Bible. There is hardly a look at the golden middle, the vast millions of people who do not belong to either camp. This book is for them.

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